My Approach

When working with me you can expect to have a package tailored to your individual needs, Ayurvedic body constitution and the specific health goals you set for yourself. No two people are alike so why should we give the same recommendations for all.

When striving for optimal health, you must develop a strong, loving and trusting relationship with your own body to be able to understand the cues it is providing you with to remain in homeostasis (balanced state).

You see our bodies are always speaking to us and asking for what they need, we just have to relearn the practice of actively listening to them. This is essentially the core of what I teach because if you can master this you will want to make more healthful choices for yourself without having to be convinced by data and nutritional facts (although there is plenty of that available in favor of a plant-based diet). The way your body feels once you start giving it what it needs will be plenty of evidence.

Until you reach this point I will be asking you questions pertaining to how you’re feeling, how your meals, energy levels, and elimination have been, etc… and offering my recommendations and assistance based on your answers.


I do only offer plant-based nutrition guidance, however, if you’re not wanting to become completely vegan that’s fine too. Everyone can benefit from incorporating some plant-based meals into their lifestyle.

Additionally, I don’t give you more than you can handle, you know yourself so choose whichever package would work best for your personality. If you’re a go-getter and like to get things done, the 6-week package is probably right for you as I will be giving you more information in a shorter time frame. If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change and want to make sure you take a slow and steady pace to ensure your new habits stick, then the 3 months or 6-month package would be a better way to go. Either way, you decide how much you want to take in and absorb.