Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

With all of the marketing emails of sales and promotions flooding your inbox, I’m sure you probably aren’t excited about another gift guide. But let me tell you why you should be excited about this one. This isn’t any ordinary gift guide, this is a list of curated items I have been using myself, many of them for years, and I can without a doubt assure you that every item here is #healthcoachapproved. This is actually my first ever gift guide since launching my business five years ago and I took the time to select the most health promoting items I have access to. That’s right, every single item on this list is going to improve your loved one’s health and that’s the big difference here. These items are actually tools that will help you or the recipient make the necessary behavioral changes to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are empowering and an investment in a healthier future. I will go through each item briefly and explain why you might want to consider them as a gift and for yourself. I will also share links and discount codes to help save you a little money as I know that’s always helpful. So without further ado, let’s get to our healthy gift ideas!

Berkey Water Filter

Having access to clean drinking water should be the foundation of your health and wellness routine. This is incredibly important as quite frankly our tap water isn’t safe to drink regardless of what city you’re in. Tap water is essentially recycled sewage water with contaminants of pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, plastics and other environmental toxins. In order to clean this up you need a heavy duty filter. Sorry but your grocery store filtration options are not going to cut it. Purchasing bottled water each week is also not a good option as it’s horrible for the environment as most bottles don’t get recycled and end up in our oceans. The best thing you can currently do is filter your water through a system that eliminates the toxins I mentioned above plus pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The Berkey purification system is 99.99% effective which is why I’ve been using it for several years now.

There are multiple sizes available and you can get one for as low as $249, here is the link to shop .

Nama Juicer

Continuing on the theme of toxins, in our modern world, our lives are bombarded with them. The combination of this, our stressful lives and subpar food supply systems, means that we are not getting all of the nutrients our bodies need from food alone. Because of this, the first thing I recommend to my clients after a water filter is a cold press juicer so that they can make fresh juices for themselves daily. Please do not assume you don’t need a juicer because you heard that it isn’t good to strip the fiber from your food. This is inaccurate misleading information. ALL of the holistic hospitals and recovery centers that help people reclaim their lives from chronic illness employ juicing as a healing technique. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make smoothies and eat your fruits and vegetables in whole, you should be doing all of those things IN ADDITION to juicing. Drinking fresh juices is like giving your body a vitamin infusion as the extracted lifeforce energy from fruits, vegetables and herbs floods your body with antioxidants helping you to keep illness at bay. Not all juicers are created equal though. I have been juicing for 15 years now and this is the fifth juicer I’ve owned and by far the best. The Nama juicer is quick, efficient, quiet and easy to clean while delivering maximum extraction of micronutrients.

You can use this link to shop and it will save you 10% If you access the site without this link, just type in Edith10 in the promo code box and you will still get the discount.

Ninja Kitchen Appliances

A high speed blender is also a must have component of a healthy lifestyle and my recommendation is the Ninja Kitchen blender and food processor series. I personally have both the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo and the Ninja Professional Plus Food Processor and use them both daily. I have found that there are other good high speed blenders on the market but you won’t find any as good at this price. I recommend making a smoothie each day as it’s an easy way to get a nutrient dense meal in as part of your daily routine. I know it is currently winter but you can make them room temperature too and include warming spices such as cinnamon to help your body during the colder months.

Use this link to shop

Sunwarrior Superfoods

If you are making smoothies, then my go to recommendation for a plant based superfood line is Sunwarrior. They offer some of the highest quality organic vegan protein, greens powder and supplements you can find. They even have an algae based omega 3 supplement which is the best kind to take as fish oil is not only harmful to our oceans but also full of toxic heavy metals, plastics and other environmental toxins. As if that’s not bad enough, almost all of them are rancid. Plus the fish are just middle men as they also get their omegas from algae. Additionally, they carry vegan collagen builders and again, this is what you should be consuming as collagen supplements are basically just ground up bones, cartilage, hide and scales of tortured animals. As a health professional I couldn’t in good conscience not tell you that. Not only are their products safe and nutritions but they’re also delicious and have been a part of my routine for a few years now.

Use this link to shop and my code: Edith will save you 15%.

Blender Bombs

Another amazing option you can use to add to your smoothies to upgrade them into complete meals is to throw in a blender bomb with your fruits and veggies. Blender Bombs are whole food balls of nutrients comprising of nuts, seeds and superfoods that deliver all essential amino acids without any allergens, chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars or unwanted ingredients. They have a variety of delicious flavors to choose from and they even have superfood granola and a superfood drizzle you can use to top your smoothie bowls with.

Use this link to shop and my code: Edith10 will save you 10% at checkout.

Four Sigmatic

If you’re into healthy living already, chances are you have heard of adaptogens. These superfoods are generally derived from some sort of medicinal mushroom, root or adaptogenic herb. The term adaptogen simply means that these substances help your body to adapt to various stressors that we face on a daily basis, such as a lack of sleep, environmental toxins, unhealthy foods and even the stressors from healthy activities like exercise. These plants work with your body’s natural flow to boost your immunity, balance your hormones and improve your mood. When taken regularly, they can even help you age gracefully and keep your reproductive system functioning longer than you would expect. Four Sigmatic is my recommendation as not only are they certified organic but they also test for contaminants including heavy metals. Their products are wild crafted, potent and can be easily taken with your favorite beverages. They make all sorts of amazing concoctions including latte mixes, elixirs, vegan proteins, liquid shots and even skincare. I have been using their products for years now and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been sick.

Use this link to shop and my discount code: Edith will save you 15%.

Foods Alive

Another amazing superfood company that has a different but also important offering is Foods Alive. This is a family owned company that specializes in producing organic living foods, meaning many of their products are raw and contain the highest levels of nutrients possible. You can find raw nuts and seeds there in addition to healthy salad dressings, veggie and flax snacks that you can also sprinkle on top of your salads, and dried super fruits such as mulberries and goji berries!

Use this link to shop already has a 20% discount attached, or you can type in “Edith” at checkout and have the discount applied that way.

Healthy Human

Now that you’re all set to make smoothies, juices and drink clean water, you need an eco-friendly bottle to drink out of. It’s time we say goodbye to plastic bottles of all kinds and that process generally starts with acquiring a reusable non-toxic personal bottle to drink out of. My favorite brand is Healthy Human. They make stainless steel cruisers, tumblers, water bottles and straws and their mission is to help eliminate single use plastic waste. This is a serious issue and you can find staggering facts of the state of our planet on their site including learning that if we continue at the current pace we are going with our plastic consumption, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish in it! In addition to raising environmental awareness, Healthy Human also gives 1% of their proceeds to organizations that are committed to improving the health of our planet.

Use this link to shop and my code: Editha15 will save you 15%.

Go Macro

If you or your loved one loves to keep protein bars or superfood bars on hand in between meals then please choose one that’s health promoting like Go Macro. This is a woman owned, family operated company that makes organic, vegan and gluten-free bars that are free of any artificial ingredients. In fact, every bar they have is health promoting and in addition to the above mentions, they are also certified raw, certified clean, kosher, non-gmo, carbon free and fodmap friendly. They use just a handful of real whole food plantbased ingredients and these bars would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Use this link to shop and my discount code: edithagoston will save you 25% at checkout!

Hamama Greens

If you or your recipient are ready to start growing your own food, the best place to start is with a micro green growing tray. Sprouts and micro greens are significantly more nutrient dense than their fully developed counter parts, sometimes containing up to 50 times more antioxidants! When using these easy to use growing trays, very minimal time and effort is required before you can start cutting them and using them to top your soups, sandwiches or salads.

I’ve even used them in my smoothies before to add nutritional value to them. Use this code to shop .

Imperfect Foods

Giving someone a subscription to a food delivery is always a good option. At least I know I would love to receive this gift. The reason I am recommending Imperfect Foods is that they have a mission to reduce food waste on our planet and they make sure all produce that has a slight blemish finds its way to a kitchen to be used at up to 30% less cost to you than what you will find at your grocery store. I use my service for produce each week but you can also get regular grocery store staples as well.

Use this code to shop

Novilla Organic Mattress

If you didn’t already know, your food shouldn’t be the only thing you prioritize as being organic. Your furniture can also cause health issues if it consists of substances derived of oil as these materials are constantly off gassing harmful chemicals. This means you want to avoid polyester, nylon and other man made fibers as much as possible and stick with organic cottons and plant based fabrics. Novilla mattresses are made with organic bamboo and charcoal fibers with a cooling gel memory foam that’s breathable and super comfortable.

The other reason I am very happy to recommend them is that they are super affordable, they range between $159-$399 and you can use my discount code: “Edith” to save 10%. Shop this link: .

Wynd Air Filter

Just like we need to filter our water, we also need to filter our air in the current times we are living in. Whether you live in a polluted city, are in a region where wild fire smoke has become the new normal, or you don’t have the ability to let fresh air in your home, Wynd air purifiers can help. Breathing in unhealthy air consistently can make you sick just like unhealthy water and food can and probably even faster. Wynd created powerful personal air purifiers and a comprehensive app to go with to monitor your air quality, filter out pollutants and even order you new filters when it senses yours are full. They have multiple options available and you can keep them in your home, your car or even take one with you on the go.

Shop this link: and use my code: “Edith15” will save you 15%.

Our Place Bowls/Plates and Glasses

This company employs ethical labor and uses responsible non-toxic materials to produce ceramic cookware, beautiful plates, bowls and glasses to enjoy your healthy meals with. I have their hand painted porcelain stackable bowls and plates and a set of their naturally colored hand-made drinking glasses that are made from recycled glass. They don’t use any artificial dyes and their sets are elegant. Use this link to shop:



Right Wellness CBN Tincture

You’ve I’m sure heard of CBD but have you heard of CBN? CBN is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants and unlike CBD, CBN comes in trace amounts which made it previously unavailable. CBN works naturally to help manage pain, sleep and stress by interacting with your endocannabinoid system to bring your body to a state of homeostasis. Many people find CBN to be more effective than CBD because of its affinity to bond with your CB2 receptors. So if you’ve tried CBD and didn’t notice a benefit like me, then try CBN, you should notice a difference.

Use this link to shop:


If you or your loved one is looking for a vegan protein powder with just a couple of ingredients, then try Nuzest. The previous two brands I shared above include a variety of superfoods in addition to the plant protein and I know from my experience working with clients that not everyone’s digestive system loves that so I wanted to include one that’s just as high quality but made with minimal ingredients. I’ve been using Nuzest products for almost 10 years now and love them, in addition to their protein, they also have bars, digestive enzymes and mixes for kids.

Use this link to shop: , my 15% code is embedded in it, if you access it a different way, just type in: edithagoston at checkout.

Angela Roi Vegan Leather Designer Bags

Ok you made it to the end and while this item may not improve your personal physical health, the animals will thank you. Angela Roi bags are not just any faux vegan bags, they are sophisticated, elegant designer bags that will rival any real leather bag in both function and appearance. If you’re receiving this in your email you know that I am a hard core vegan and environmentalist and I do not support the slaughter of innocent animals for either our food or our clothing/accessories. I am proud to support Angela Roi as they believe that personal style should not come at the expense of personal values. They use ethical materials to provide stylish bags at an affordable price.

Shop this link:

Thank you for taking the time to read through my guide. Feel free to forward to anyone who might benefit from the above items and remember that you can schedule an online health coaching session with me through this link: and you are welcome to purchase a session for your loved one as a gift as well. If you have any questions about the guide or my services, feel free to email me at or connect with me on Instagram at @edithagoston.