Become a Health Coach

Are you also passionate about health, nutrition and all things wellness? And are you looking to make this passion your career as well? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you’re in the right place.

I have always been wanting to work in wellness for as long as I can remember but the traditional western medicine route was never appealing to me so I always thought I wouldn’t be able to earn a living doing what I loved. Until I found the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (insert raising hands and tears of joy emoji).

When I first discovered IIN it was as though the Universe was finally showing me the path to the life I have always dreamed of living. I immediately knew it was meant for me and I quickly enrolled and enjoyed every second of the year-long curriculum. I was impressed that they covered every single dietary model and allowed us to gravitate towards what resonated with us reinforcing the concept of bio-individuality which is a core concept taught throughout the course.

I also loved that they didn’t just focus on nutrition because that’s just one piece of the wellness puzzle.


They brought in many talented and successful speakers who were experts in their respective fields including fitness, mindfulness, spirituality and even finance to teach us the business aspect of health coaching.

In addition to the great content what stood out for me was the community that they and in turn we were creating. I got to chat with classmates on our coaching circle conference calls and even meet some in person when I went to New York for their annual conference.

If you’re thinking that this is all great but you’re not sure that you want to become a health coach once you’ve obtained this certification, don’t worry. Many graduates have gone on to create other successful wellness related businesses such as launching their own superfood or mentoring companies. It’s really up to you what you do with the knowledge and inspiration, the sky is the limit.

Click on the link here to submit your name and email address, mention that I sent you and the school will send you additional information so you can see if it’s a great fit for you too.

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