My Amazon Store Front   I created an Amazon Store Front to share the products I purchased and use from Amazon. I do my best to purchase non-toxic and health promoting products that have helped me in one way or another. I do earn commission when you use my link to my store and make a purchase and I am truly grateful for it when you do!

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Healthy Vegan Whole Food Plantbased Lifestyle Guide  My newest E-Book! While it's still very much health oriented I wanted these recipes to be more comforting and satisfying than my fully raw book which is more cleanse focused. In it I share more than 50 whole food plant based recipes that all contain very  minimal real food ingredients that any vegan or omnivore can enjoy! Just like with my first book, I included several pages of health and wellness information covering topics such as ingredients to look out for, protein on a plant based diet, the truth about fruit sugar and much more.

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7 Day Raw Vegan Lifestyle Guide  My very first E-Book! This guide gives you 28 Medical Medium friendly health promoting raw vegan recipes that will help you alleviate chronic symptoms or simply give you a jump start on a new healthier lifestyle. I also included a few pages of tips on self care, shopping, exercise, resources and tutorials on thyme tea and aloe vera.

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Vitamix blenders are incredibly powerful, fast and durable. There isn’t much you can put into a Vitamix that it can’t pulverize in seconds. You can achieve precise textures from silky smooth plant milks and smoothies to chunky salsas and creamy nut butters. Vitamix also offers up to 10 year warranties, I have had the exact machine pictured here ( Professional Series 750) for 7 years now and I’ve never had an issue with it. I couldn't recommend these blenders enough and believe a good blender is a must have for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Nutr this incredible plant milk maker allows you to make healthy and sustainable dairy free milk fresh whenever you need it! I'm all about getting people to make the switch to dairy free milks but unfortunately almost all store bought varieties are full of harmful ingredients and the repetitive purchasing of plastic containers is causing harm to our planet. With the nutr, you can control your ingredients and help reduce waste at the same time. This is also the most delicious option as you can add seasonings, dates and a variety of nuts and seeds including oats to the machine to brew your milk, creamer or even latte!

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Herbal Face Food, is the most potent anti aging, multi correction and antiviral skincare product available. It's made of 100% plants without fillers or chemicals meaning it delivers pure antioxidants and phytonutrients that heal your skin on a cellular level. They have 4 powerful serums to choose from and a serum soap that's also formulated with the same properties. Herbal Face Food operates sustainably, their organic and wild crafted ingredients are sourced ethically and they are of course GMO free and free of synthetic fragrances.

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Sunwarrior, is my favorite vegan protein brand! They are raw vegan, organic and sustainable. In addition to their amazing vegan protein blends, they sell superfoods including greens powders and high-quality supplements such as vegan EPA/DHA and collagen boosters.

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Nama Juicer sells a vertical cold pressed juicer, sometimes called a slow juicer. This method of juicing is best to keep nutrients in tact as it gently crushes your produce without heating it. It's super easy to clean and assemble.

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Aqua Tru is a reverse osmosis water filter. This amazing filtration system takes your tap water through four stages of purification technology and removes more than 80 harmful contaminants including fluoride so you can drink safely without having to purchase bottles at the grocery store. In addition to the reverse osmosis filter, which I have, they sell an alkaline filter if you're interested in that and they have an under the sink system as well.

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Fre' Skincare, is a vegan cruelty free skincare line designed for active women. They are known for their argan oil formulas and their mission to protect our planet and empower women. With every set you purchase, Fre' plants an argan tree in Morocco. The company is also a proud member of the 1% For the Planet Network which only accepts companies devoted to environmentally sound and sustainable practices.

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Blender Bombs, is a superfood brand that helps you up-level your smoothies, plant based yogurt parfaits and snacks. They make nut/seed/fruit bombs, granola, nut butter, bomb bars, Aloe Vera and date drizzle.

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Barukas Nuts these superfood nuts are packed with more than 3 times the antioxidants as other popular nuts, contain more fiber and 6 grams of complete protein per serving. Barukas nuts are also less calorie dense than most nuts and are loaded with minerals including high amounts of magnesium. For every 5 pounds of Barukas nuts sold, 1 new wild tree will be planted where they grow in South America to help restabilize the forests there and sustain the indigenous communities who live there.

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Four Sigmatic sells functional foods including adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. They make these superfoods easy to take with their expertly formulated tonic packets, plant protein powders and superfood mixes.

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Your Super is a family owned certified B corporation that makes and sells organic plant based superfood powders. Their ingredients are sourced from organic local farmers and third party tested for pesticides and heavy metals. These superfood blends are incredibly clean and free of allergens, sweeteners and fillers of any kind. You can blend their amazing concoctions in your smoothies, lattes or just enjoy them in your water.

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Repurpose is a female founded business that makes compostable and sustainable tableware, paper products for your home and trash bags from plants. They use plant based bioplastics, renewable materials and classic designs to help lower our carbon footprint. Their products are a great option to help eliminate unnecessary single use plastics from our environment.

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Aires EMF Protection Devices- in our modern world we have to defend ourselves from electromagnetic radiation. Aires offers devices we can put onto our electronic gadgets or wear on our bodies to help mitigate the health risks associated with radiation exposure. Their devices cancel out the electromagnetic waves sent out by your cell phones, tablets, etc.. protecting your cells from damage.

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Insight Timer, the #1 free app for meditation and sleep. In addition to the thousands of free meditations, Insight Timer also offers courses on improving your practice and other healthy lifestyle habits such as a guide to obtaining deeper sleep.

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Thrive Market is an online grocer offering organic and sustainable groceries at a discounted price through a subscription program. If you can't always find healthy pantry staples at your local market or they are too expensive, Thrive Market is an excellent alternative. They also make shopping easy by sorting their products by diet preference such as vegan, paleo or gluten free and they are delivered to your home at your convenience.

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Mountain Rose Herbs is a holistic eco friendly company that offers herbs, spices, teas, aromatherapy, sustainable containers and other home care products. my number one recommendation for all teas. They put the people, the planet and our plants/animals first when making business decisions. Many of their products are available in bulk so you can save money and packaging materials by shopping through their site.

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Pique Tea is my number one recommendation for all teas. They are unlike any other tea product I’ve tried as they have crystalized their tea leaves allowing for antioxidants to be preserved. Additionally, they ensure their teas are of the highest quality, organic, and free of heavy metals, mold, or other environmental toxins.

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Mindful Souls sells all of your high vibe goodies from crystals to palo santo, sage smudging sticks and subscription boxes full of self love tools.

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Flourish Pancakes sells clean ingredient pancake mixes without the harmful additives and fillers most other brands include. I recommend purchasing their plant based and gluten-free mixes.

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Prolon is a five-day plant-based fasting-mimicking program that provides you with a kit that includes all of the meals you will need to complete the cleanse. It’s backed by science and has been proven to put your body in a temporary ketogenic state.

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Liquid IV is a wellness brand that uses Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) in their hydration products to provide an optimal ratio of ingredients to enhance rapid absorption of water and other nutrients into your bloodstream.

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80x20 Market is a brand that promotes healthy living and sells health conscious snacks and other meaningful products such as incense, candles sage smudging sticks.

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Caraway sells nontoxic high quality cookware. They use a mineral based coating that won't leach toxic chemicals into your food while cooking. In addition to being safe, they are eco friendly and stylish.

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Ninja Kitchen makes efficient and powerful kitchen gadgets. You can find anything from food processors to air fryers there.

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Novilla organic non-toxic mattresses at an affordable price.

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Daily Harvest is a plant-based frozen meal delivery service. They ship their meals in convenient cups that you can prepare within 10 minutes or less allowing for quick nutrient-dense meal options. They make everything from lattes and smoothies to delicious savory harvest bowls.

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Hamama Greens is a microgreens growing tray complete with seed quilts. All you need is water to plant and grow your nutrient-dense greens.

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Nuzest is a plant-based superfood company that primarily focuses on their French grown pea protein powders which have high-quality minimal ingredients inside.

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Angela Roi is a US-based ethical accessories line focusing mainly on luxury vegan leather handbags.

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Healthy Human is a provider of sustainable, reusable water bottles, tumblers, and straws that makes it easy for people to make small lifestyle changes that eliminate single-use plastic waste.

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Berkey is a top of the line stainless steel high quality water filter that removes 99.99% of toxins from your drinking water including fluoride.

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Branch Basics is a non toxic cleaning product line designed to keep your home clean and your body safe. Unfortunately most cleaning products on the market is very harmful to our bodies as they contain very strong chemicals. If you don't make the switch to eco friendly and in turn human friendly cleaners, you are putting yourself at risk for autoimmune diseases. Branch Basics makes it easy to switch, their products are easy to use and efficient.

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Maju Superfoods is a superfood line free of any man-made additives. They offer powders, capsules, oils and dummies to make help get nutrients into your diet.

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Right Wellness - is a CBN or Cannabinol tincture that's non-intoxicating and formulated to help relieve stress, improve sleep and manage aches and pains.

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Joi provides plant based milk bases that are convenient to use to make your own dairy free milk at home! You can purchase a powder or a nut butter base, add water and sweetener of choice and blend to make a much healthier alternative to both conventional plant milks and cow's milk. They are made with only whole food ingredients, absolutely no fillers or additives and they use eco friendly sustainable packaging and practices.

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Famme Sportswear is a European women's clothing line specializing in athletic wear. They use an eco friendly and sustainable manufacturing method to care for their employees, their customers and our planet.

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Foods Alive sells raw vegan superfoods including nuts, seeds, dried super fruits and superfood powders.

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Perfect Foods Inc sells premier wheatgrass and micro greens, seeds and growing kits. They make incorporating these nutrient dense foods into your diet easy!

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Aqua Veggies sells nutrient dense sea vegetables harvested from pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are organic, raw, wild crafted and hand harvested superfoods you can use to uplevel your nutrition.

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